Program & Project Solutions

Deltamine provides project management consulting services and support for managing simple or complex projects, with a full spectrum of project management services including:

  • Complete Project Sourcing
  • Project management from start to finish
  • Project coaching to stay on schedule and within budget
  • Project rescue - getting a project back on track
  • Project audit to determine its real status
  • Managed services
  • Project Management Services

Deltamine offers a wide range of project management consulting services as well as PMI®-certified consultants to manage projects, for short-term and long-term engagements. Deltamine consultants are highly qualified and have significant experience managing and completing projects on-schedule and within budget. Their experience includes several vertical industries including high technology, software development, IT/IS infrastructure, telecommunication, and financial services markets.

Project Coaching

Deltamine's dedicated consultants provide a high level of expertise to coach your Project/Program Manager on an as-needed basis. As a part of project management consulting services and project management services our consultants will review project plans, status reports, deliverables, and aid your Project Manager in making critical decisions, re-planning, and prioritizing, as well as strategizing and handling issues.

Project Audits

Deltamine consultants are experts at auditing projects and determining the true progress, status, forecast and risks. They will provide a complete and detailed assessment of a project's health, efficiency, gaps and risks.

Project Turnaround & Recovery

As a part of project management services Deltamine consultants audit projects, document their findings and guide a client's team through the process of analyzing, prioritizing and strategizing on recovery tactics.

Development of Project Management Methodology

Deltamine consultants develop and aid the client's Project Management Office in the development of a Project Management methodology that leverages best project management practices, yet fits an organization's business needs and processes.

Selection of Project Management Tools

Deltamine consultants can develop tools to aid an organization in the planning and managing of projects. In addition, they can play a key role in selecting the best Project Management software to meet business process needs and constraints.

Project Quality and Program Management Success

Improve outcomes through expert management

Sometimes the difference between success and failure lies in the ability to expertly manage a project. For companies with complex or multiple concurrent projects, Deltamine Program and Project Management Services provide proven processes, tools, methodologies, and training to improve your project success rate.

Deltamine’s approach to managing your engagements leverages an experienced Program Manager selected from a staff of PMI-certified professionals. The Program Manager oversees your overall project, multiple sub-projects, and works with your senior team to streamline implementation and resolve issues.

The project management discipline is a core component for ensuring project success and our processes, such as the commonly used Agile approach, follow Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines. Deltamine’s project management practices and standards have been designed to meet the needs of our clients and leverage core tenets of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) while remaining flexible to adapt to your organization with specific enablers being core to our success. Whether we are engaged from project onset or brought in to improve or recover projects that have fallen behind, Deltamine’s project managers follow an established framework that is customized to complement your unique business requirements.

Project Management Enablers

Risk Management

At Deltamine, we believe that understanding and managing risk helps ensure project success. We have incorporated proactive risk management strategies into our project management methodology, beginning with the proposal process and through to project delivery. These steps facilitate on-time, on-budget project delivery while maintaining high quality standards. Risk management is practiced throughout the project to identify new risks and changes that can impact the scope of the engagement and its success.

Project Change Management

Deltamine applies our Project Management Methodology to facilitate controlled project scope, facilitate driving business value, and effectively manage clients’ budgets. The project manager, in concert with Deltamine and your change management resources, establishes the project change management process within the project. This includes a mechanism for submitting change requests, evaluating criteria, review and resolution, prioritization based on business needs and objectives, and determination of appropriate actions to redress. Agreed, scoped, and prioritized changes are either integrated into the project, prioritized for a later phase, or denied based on the established criteria.

Agile Project Management Approach

The Agile approach consists of a variety of adaptive methods that focus on adapting quickly to changing realities. When the needs of a project change, an adaptive team changes as well. Deltamine’s success with the Agile approach lies in our use of experienced project teams with a level of seniority both on the project side and with Agile.

Our Agile project management Approach includes the following key elements:

  • Continuous engagement: We collaborate to attain measurable business value through early and incremental release of working software.
  • Adaptability: Rapid response to changes in strategy, priorities, and project requirements.
  • Visibility: Stakeholder collaboration and validation throughout the development life cycle facilitates buy-in, early adjustments, and successful delivery.
  • Laser focus: Project focuses on one iteration at a time to emphasize concentration on specific items while minimizing confusion.
  • Working software: Delivered frequently (weeks rather than months) as a measure of project success.

Our teams are well-versed in a number of Agile methodologies and tools. We can also structure projects to leverage existing tools within your organization and/or implement and train your team on the use of a new methodology or tool. We will tailor the methodology to your project’s needs, compensating for the size and locale of the team, as well as their prior experience with the Agile approach.

Deltamine has successfully used the following to deliver measurable success to clients:

  • ‘Lightweight agile’, often with Open-Source tools:
    • Feature-driven development
    • Extreme Programming
    • Scrum
  • ‘Heavier agile’, enabled by IBM Rational tools:
    • Rational Unified Process (RUP): team uses IBM Rational and supporting tools to navigate the inception, elaboration, construction, and transition phases.

In keeping with Deltamine’s overall project methodologies, our PMBOK-compliant processes for risk, change, and communication management complement each of these Agile methods.

Program and Project Management Advantages

  • Reduced project risk with controlled implementation schedule and cost structure
  • PMI-certified project managers and team leads
  • Flexible project methodologies adapted for your environment
  • Expertise with multiple Agile processes and tools
  • Project management enablers

Contact us so we can help your organization learn more about the advantages of Project and Program Management at Deltamine.