Why Choose Deltamine?

Who is Deltamine?

We are professionals and technologists who care deeply about our clients, our communities and our work.

Every day, our employees and consultants are focused on helping our customers apply information technology to achieve their strategic goals. We know that our customers have complex businesses that require sophisticated services. Our solutions are carefully tailored, combining industry expertise, intellectual property and technology in a way that achieves real business results. We continually explore, create and adopt new innovations to keep our solutions ahead of the curve. Our approach has kept Deltamine at the forefront of our industry for a decade.

Deltamine was founded in November of 1996 with a strong principle that each client is unique, and that each client’s conception of value will change over time. New conditions will prevail, new priorities will emerge and new technologies will become affordable. We adopted a custom approach specifically designed with our customers in mind. We are pride of our long-term working relationships with our clients and all the elements of work we provided over the years.

Our Management Principles

  • Client satisfaction as our most important business objective.
  • We recognize that Deltamine's accomplishments are the work of the people who comprise Deltamine.
  • We encourage initiatives, recognize individual contribution, treat each person with respect and fairness, and provide ample opportunity for professional growth.
  • We require the highest standards of professionalism and technical competence from our people.
  • We maintain the highest standards of ethics and business conduct and operate at all times within the laws of all countries in which we do business.
  • We proactively pursue new business opportunities, and commit to success in each undertaking.

Our Approach

Deltamine has a broad vision for IT services after working with over 30 distinct IT processes that enable IT to protect value and create value for the business.

We put our consulting services focus on high risk areas of your program:

  • Our assessment is actionable, not just a maturity rating that leaves you needing another assessment;
  • Our strategy offering ensures that all levels of management understand the program and are ready to support it;
  • We streamline process design with our process model so more time can be spent on cultural change activities;
  • We shift our focus based on the service offering in terms of the balance of people and process/technology;
  • Every organization is unique and we commit to understanding the organizational change complexities of your program;
  • We leverage organizational development mechanics in our standard methodology to eliminate surprises;
  • We get the voice of the business through focus group facilitations so they are not tied up in process design sessions.

We are continuously looking for great people in various locations for full time/contract positions. Please contact us.

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