Certified CMMC Professional (CCP)

General Information

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), managed by The Cyber AB (formerly known as the CMMC Accreditation Body or the CMMC-AB), is a program through which an organization's cybersecurity program maturity is measured by their initial and ongoing compliance with applicable cybersecurity practices, as well as their integration of corresponding policies and plans into their overall business operations. Once rule-making has concluded and CMMC 2.0 has been implemented, all organizations providing products or services to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) must comply with the requirements of their applicable CMMC Level. This course prepares students for the Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) certification, which authorizes the holder to use The Cyber AB Certified CMMC Professional logo, to participate as an Assessment Team Member under the supervision of a Lead Assessor, and to be listed in the CMMC Marketplace. The CCP certification is also prerequisite for the Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA) certification.

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will learn about the CMMC Model, framework, context, and application within the DoD, as well as the expectations and requirements imposed upon organizations that do business with the DoD. It will also help students to identify threats to cybersecurity and privacy within an IoT ecosystem and implement appropriate countermeasures. You will: Identify the threats to the Defense Supply Chain and the established regulations and standards for managing the risk. Identify the sensitive information that needs to be protected within the Defense Supply Chain and how to manage it. Describe how the CMMC Model ensures compliance with federal acquisitions regulations. Identify responsibilities of the Certified CMMC Professional, including appropriate ethical behavior. Establish the Certification and Assessment scope boundaries for evaluating the systems that protect regulated information. Prepare the OSC for an Assessment by evaluating readiness. Use the CMMC Assessment Guides to determine and assess the Evidence for practices. Implement and evaluate practices required to meet CMMC Level 1. Identify the practices required to meet CMMC Level 2. As a CCP, work through the CMMC Assessment process.

Who Should Take this Class

This course is a prerequisite for the Certified CMMC Professional program, and it prepares students for the Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) certification exam. Students might consider taking this course to learn how to perform CMMC certification readiness checks within their own organization, or as a consultant to other Organizations Seeking Certification (OSC). The CCP certification is also a required step toward becoming a Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA), so students might take this course to begin down the path toward CCA certification.


To ensure your success in this course, you should have some foundational education or experience in cybersecurity. The Cyber AB has established prerequisites for those who wish to apply for CCP certification, such as: College degree in a cyber or information technical field with 2+ years of experience; or 2+ years of equivalent experience (including military) in a cyber, information technology, or assessment field.

Delivery Format

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Course Credits

4.5 CEU | 45 CPEs | 45 PDUs


The CCP is exam is 3.5 hours, includes 170 multi-choice questions, requires a passing score of 500+ and is NOT an open book exam. The CCP exam fully meets the requirements of the Cyber AB. It evaluates the participant’s knowledge of the CMMC model, its relevant supporting materials, applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and the CMMC ecosystem. The “Certified CMMC Professional” exam covers the following domains" Domain 1 | CMMC Ecosystem Domain 2 | CMMC-AB Code of Professional Conduct (Ethics) Domain 3 | CMMC Governance and Sources Documents Domain 4 | CMMC Model Construct and Implementation Evaluation Domain 5 | CMMC Assessment Process (CAP) Domain 6 | Scoping Deltamine is a Licensed Training Provider (LTP) authorized by the Cyber AB to deliver training courses based on the Cyber AB curricula and exam objectives. As such, the Certified CMMC Professional exam is developed and delivered by other organizations that are part of the Cyber AB certification process. For additional information on CMMC-AB Exams, please visit https://cyberab.org

Course Topics

Lesson 1: Managing Risk within the Defense Supply Chain Topic A: Identify Threats to the Defense Supply Chain Topic B: Identify Regulatory Responses against Threats Lesson 2: Handling Sensitive Information Topic A: Identify Sensitive Information Topic B: Manage the Sensitive Information Lesson 3: Ensuring Compliance through CMMC Topic A: Describe the CMMC Model Architecture Topic B: Define the CMMC Program and Its Ecosystem Topic C: Define Self-Assessments Lesson 4: Performing CCP Responsibilities Topic A: Identify Responsibilities of the CCP Topic B: Demonstrate Appropriate Ethics and Behavior Lesson 5: Scoping Certification and Assessment Boundaries Topic A: Use the CMMC Assessment Scope Documentation Topic B: Get Oriented to the OSC Environment Topic C: Determine How Sensitive Information Moves Topic D: Identify Systems in Scope Topic E: Limit Scope Lesson 6: Preparing the OSC Topic A: Foster a Mature Cybersecurity Culture Topic B: Evaluate Readiness Lesson 7: Determining and Assessing Evidence Topic A: Determine Evidence Topic B: Assess the Practices Using the CMMC Assessment Guides Lesson 8: Implementing and Evaluating Level 1 Topic A: Identify CMMC Level 1 Domains and Practices Topic B: Perform a CMMC Level 1 Gap Analysis Topic C: Assess CMMC Level 1 Practices Lesson 9: Identifying Level 2 Practices Topic A: Identify CMMC Level 2 Practices Lesson 10: Working through an Assessment Topic A: Identify Assessment Roles and Responsibilities Topic B: Plan and Prepare the Assessment Topic C: Conduct the Assessment Topic D: Report the Assessment Results Topic E: Conduct the CMMC POA&M Close-Out Assessment Appendix A: Evidence Collection Approach for CMMC Level 1 Practices Appendix B: Additional Documentation for CCPs Appendix C: Mapping Course Content to the CCP Exam