ITCA® Data Science Fundamentals

General Information

This course introduces you to data science, a growing and rapidly changing field that is becoming increasingly vital to business survival, job stability, and national security. Data science demands skilled professionals who possess the knowledge, skills, and ability to address the evolving threat landscape.

Learning Objectives

• Define the terms and concepts of data science. • Describe the relationship between data science and statistics. • Describe the classifications and characteristics of data.

Who Should Take this Class

The Data Science Fundamentals Certificate is intended for: A wide-range of individuals, including: • Those new to IT, students, recent graduates and career changers. • Audit, risk, security and governance professionals looking to gain base-line IT knowledge and skills. • Current IT Professionals looking to reskill or upskill to broaden their IT knowledge and skills or keep up-to-date.



Delivery Format

Course Credits


There are 51 Questions on the exam which must be completed in 2 hours. It is available online via remote proctoring.

Course Topics

• What Is Data Science? • Defining Big Data • The Evolution of Big Data • What Is Data? • Raw Data vs. Contextualized Data